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The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) has its roots in 2013 when the U.S. Army recognized the need for a new fitness test that truly mirrored the physical demands of combat. This led to the creation of the ACFT, replacing the outdated Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) that had been in use since the 1980s.

In 2018, the ACFT became the official standard for measuring physical fitness in the U.S. Army. This test comprises six events: the three-repetition maximum deadlift, standing power throw, hand-release push-ups, sprint-drag-carry, leg tuck, and a two-mile run.

Among these, the deadlift event holds particular importance as it assesses a soldier’s ability to lift and carry heavy loads. The deadlift weight varies based on the soldier’s gender and weight category, reaching up to 340 pounds for male soldiers in the heavy category.

The ACFT was carefully crafted with input from soldiers and fitness experts to ensure it accurately reflects the physical demands of combat. It goes beyond assessing physical fitness, evaluating a soldier’s capability to perform specific combat tasks like carrying heavy gear over long distances or dragging a wounded comrade to safety.

In essence, the ACFT signifies a significant shift in the U.S. Army’s approach to physical fitness, prioritizing functional strength and endurance over traditional measures like running and push-ups.

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Deadlift Technique and Form

The deadlift, a compound exercise targeting various muscle groups, demands proper technique and form for safe and effective performance. Follow these steps:

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly turned outward. Place hands on the barbell just outside your legs.
  2. Engage your core, brace your abs, and maintain proper body alignment.
  3. Bend your knees, hinge at your hips, keeping chest up and back straight until shins almost touch the barbell.
  4. Take a deep breath, exhale, lift the barbell off the ground, pushing through heels and driving hips forward.
  5. Focus on engaging glutes, hamstrings, and back muscles. Avoid using arms to lift the weight.
  6. Pause at the top, then lower the barbell back down with control. Repeat for desired repetitions.

Remember, start with lighter weights to perfect your form before increasing the load.

ACFT Deadlift Weight Standards

The ACFT deadlift weight standards vary by gender and age, ensuring safety during the exercise. Here are the minimum weights required for soldiers to pass the deadlift event:

  • Male soldiers aged 17-20: 140 pounds
  • Male soldiers aged 21-26: 180 pounds
  • Male soldiers aged 27-35: 180 pounds
  • Male soldiers aged 36-45: 160 pounds
  • Male soldiers aged 46-55: 140 pounds
  • Male soldiers aged 56 and above: 120 pounds
  • Female soldiers aged 17-20: 120 pounds
  • Female soldiers aged 21-26: 140 pounds
  • Female soldiers aged 27-35: 140 pounds
  • Female soldiers aged 36-45: 120 pounds
  • Female soldiers aged 46-55: 110 pounds
  • Female soldiers aged 56 and above: 100 pounds

These weights represent the minimum required for passing the deadlift event. Soldiers are encouraged to train and improve to achieve higher scores and enhance overall physical fitness.

Preparing for the ACFT Deadlift

To prepare for the ACFT deadlift, follow these tips:

  1. Warm-up: Spend 10-15 minutes warming up with stretching and light cardio exercises to prevent injuries.
  2. Proper form: Practice deadlifts with lighter weights to perfect your form before attempting maximum weight.
  3. Grip strength: Strengthen your grip with exercises like farmer’s walks, wrist curls, and hanging from a bar.
  4. Core strength: Enhance core strength with exercises like planks, sit-ups, and Russian twists.
  5. Rest and recovery: Allow sufficient time between workouts for adequate rest and injury prevention.

By following these tips, you can ready yourself for the ACFT deadlift and improve overall performance.

ACFT Calculator

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