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The ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test) is a new test the U.S. Army is using to check how fit its soldiers are. In this test, there’s a part called the ACFT Plank, where soldiers have to show how strong their core is. The ACFT Plank is a timed event, and soldiers need to hold a plank position for as long as they can. The scoring for this part depends on how much time they can hold the plank. This post will talk about how the scoring works for the ACFT Plank and share some tips to help soldiers improve their scores.

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Why the Plank is Important in the ACFT

The plank is one of the six things soldiers do in the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). It’s really important because it tests how long a soldier’s core muscles can keep going. The core muscles are crucial for staying stable and avoiding injuries during physical activities.

When doing the plank, a soldier has to keep a straight line from head to heels while holding their body up with their forearms and toes. They need to do this for as long as possible, and the least time to pass is two minutes.

The reason the plank is a big deal in the ACFT is that it checks if a soldier’s core is strong and stable. Having a weak core can lead to problems like bad posture, back pain, and a higher chance of getting hurt while doing things like lifting, running, and jumping.

The plank is also helpful in real-life situations. For example, it can help soldiers stay steady when they need to carry heavy things or do tasks that need a strong base.

In short, the plank is a very important part of the ACFT. It checks a soldier’s core strength, stability, and how long they can keep going. This exercise is useful in real-life situations and helps avoid injuries during physical activities.

How the Plank Event is Scored

To score how well someone does in the plank event, a few things are considered:

  1. Doing it Right: The person needs to keep their body in a straight line without bending their back.
  2. Time Held: The longer they can hold the plank, the better their score.
  3. How Hard It Is: They can choose to do the plank on their forearms or hands, and doing it on hands is considered harder.
  4. Repetitions: If they have to do the plank more than once, the time for each one is counted.
  5. Age and Gender: Younger people might be able to hold the plank longer than older people, and this is considered when scoring.

Scoring can change a bit depending on the event, but these are usually the things looked at to be fair and get the score right.

Tips for Getting a Better Plank Score

If someone wants to do better in the plank event, here are some tips:

  1. Practice Often: Doing the plank more often makes the core stronger. Trying to do planks 3-4 times a week is a good goal.
  2. Do it Right: Making sure the body is straight, from wrists to heels, and engaging the core is important for a good plank.
  3. Start Small, Go Big: Start with a time that feels okay, and then slowly make it longer. A goal could be holding a plank for at least 60 seconds.
  4. Change it Up: Doing different types of planks, like side planks or walking planks, makes it more challenging and fun.
  5. Strengthen Other Muscles: Besides the core, doing exercises for shoulders, back, and glutes, like push-ups and rows, helps with a good plank.

By following these tips, soldiers can get better at the plank and improve their scores in the ACFT.

In Conclusion

To wrap it up, scoring in the ACFT plank is a big part of the Army Combat Fitness Test. It’s a tough exercise that needs strength, balance, and staying power. Doing it right is super important. By practicing and following what the Army says, soldiers can get better at planking and become more fit overall. Remember, the ACFT isn’t just a test – it’s a way to check if someone is ready for combat and healthy overall. So, trying to get a higher score in the plank event is a good goal for every soldier.

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