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The pivotal role of an Aircraft Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) is central to the secure and efficient operation of military aircraft. As the guiding force for a team of aircraft maintainers, the NCOIC holds the responsibility of ensuring timely and effective completion of all tasks related to aircraft maintenance and servicing. This comprehensive guide outlines the duties, responsibilities, and expectations for ACFT NCOICs, covering crucial aspects such as aircraft maintenance procedures, safety protocols, communication skills, and leadership qualities. Whether you’re a seasoned NCOIC or new to the role, this post is your compass for excelling in the position.

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The ACFT NCOIC stands as a linchpin in the success of any aviation unit. Leading the aircraft maintenance team, their mandate encompasses ensuring the readiness and safety of all supervised aircraft. Oversight includes managing maintenance schedules, coordinating inspections, repairs, and modifications, and collaborating with other maintenance personnel to secure necessary parts and supplies promptly.

Crucially, the ACFT NCOIC upholds a commitment to safety, ensuring that all maintenance activities adhere to established safety procedures and regulations. This involves certifying personnel, maintaining equipment, and guaranteeing that all tools are in optimal condition.

In addition to these responsibilities, the ACFT NCOIC is entrusted with the management of personnel within the aircraft maintenance team. This includes task assignments, training, performance evaluations, and ensuring proper equipment and safety gear for all team members.

In summary, the ACFT NCOIC plays a critical role in guaranteeing the mission readiness and safety of the aircraft under their supervision. Proficiency in managing personnel, equipment, and resources is paramount to conducting maintenance activities in adherence to established procedures and regulations.

Strategic Preparation for ACFT Success

As the ACFT NCOIC, preparing your soldiers for success in the test is a primary responsibility. Here are actionable steps to facilitate their triumph:

  1. Understanding the ACFT: Ensure familiarity with the test, including events, scoring, and standards. Attend training sessions and read the latest ACFT manual.
  2. Assessing Soldiers: Leverage the Army’s ACFT Training and Testing Strategy (TATS) to gauge soldiers’ readiness. Identify areas for improvement to tailor the training plan.
  3. Developing a Training Plan: Based on TATS results, craft a comprehensive training plan addressing individual strengths and weaknesses, encompassing both individual and unit-level training.
  4. Providing Resources: Ensure soldiers have access to necessary equipment and facilities for ACFT training, including gym equipment, weights, and training aids.
  5. Monitoring Progress: Regularly assess soldiers’ progress, adjusting the training plan as needed. Utilize the ACFT Scorecard to track scores and pinpoint improvement areas.
  6. Encouraging and Motivating: Recognize achievements, offer positive feedback, and provide motivation to keep soldiers focused on their ACFT goals.

By diligently following these steps, you, as the ACFT NCOIC, contribute significantly to your unit’s readiness to meet the Army’s elevated fitness standards.

Conducting the ACFT:

In your role as the ACFT NCOIC, ensuring the fair and consistent administration of the test is paramount. Here’s a guide to conducting the ACFT effectively:

  1. Review the ACFT Manual: Thoroughly understand testing procedures, scoring, and standards by reviewing the ACFT manual before conducting the test.
  2. Set Up the Testing Area: Ensure proper setup of the testing area, confirming all equipment is in good working condition, including lanes, weights, and other necessary items.
  3. Brief the Participants: Before commencing the test, provide a comprehensive briefing to all participants, covering testing procedures, standards, and safety precautions.
  4. Monitor the Test: Closely observe each participant during the test, ensuring correct exercise execution, adherence to standards, and proper equipment usage.
  5. Score the Test: After completion, score each participant according to ACFT manual standards in a fair and consistent manner for accurate evaluations.
  6. Provide Feedback: Offer constructive feedback to each participant, including scores and areas for improvement. Reinforce positive performance aspects.

By adhering to these steps, you contribute to the equitable and reliable administration of the ACFT, ensuring precise evaluations of participants’ physical fitness.

Evaluating and Recording ACFT Scores:

Evaluating and recording ACFT scores stands as a critical duty for the ACFT NCOIC. To perform this task accurately, the following steps are essential:

  1. Familiarize with Scoring Standards: Before the test, ensure a thorough understanding of scoring standards and guidelines outlined in the Army’s ACFT manual.
  2. Test Setup: Confirm proper equipment setup, completion of warm-up exercises, and briefing participants on correct form for each event before test commencement.
  3. Observation During the Test: Actively observe and evaluate participants during the test, noting adherence to proper form and technique, and being mindful of any medical concerns.
  4. Score Recording: Post-test, accurately and comprehensively record each participant’s scores, encompassing raw scores for each event, overall score, and performance level (pass or fail).
  5. Confidentiality and Security: Maintain confidentiality and security of all testing results, ensuring scores are shared only with authorized personnel and securely storing testing materials.

In conclusion, the ACFT NCOIC’s role in evaluating and recording ACFT scores is vital. By following established procedures and guidelines, you contribute to the fair and accurate administration of the test, upholding the integrity of fitness evaluations.

ACFT Calculator

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