ACFT Ball Throw Score Chart

The ACFT Ball Throw Test is one of the six challenges in the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). This test evaluates upper body strength by measuring a soldier’s ability to throw a 10-pound medicine ball for distance.

In this test, the soldier stands behind a marked line and throws the ball as far as possible. The distance is measured from the line to where the ball first touches the ground. Each soldier gets two attempts, and the better score is recorded.

The 10-pound medicine ball used in the test must be thrown with two hands and can’t be bounced or rolled before the throw. This test is crucial because upper body strength is vital for military tasks like carrying heavy loads, lifting equipment, and throwing grenades.

Scores for the ACFT Ball Throw Test vary for males and females, with a maximum score of 12.5 meters for males and 10.5 meters for females.

Soldiers should specifically train for this test, incorporating exercises like medicine ball throws, plyometrics, and upper body strength training to improve upper body strength.

ACFT Calculator

Gender Age

Maximum Deadlift (lbs.)

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Standing Power Throw (m)

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Hand-Release Push-Ups (reps)

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Sprint Drag Carry (m:s)

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Plank (m:s)

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2 Mile Run (m:s)

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Preparing for the ACFT Ball Throw Test

Preparing for the ACFT Ball Toss Test requires both physical and mental readiness. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

  1. Develop Upper Body Strength: Focus on exercises targeting shoulders and arms, like overhead raises, push-ups, and pull-ups.
  2. Enhance Flexibility: Improve flexibility in shoulders and arms with stretches and exercises such as shoulder circles and arm swings.
  3. Practice Accurate Technique: Work with a coach or trainer to learn and consistently practice the proper throwing technique.
  4. Focus on Mental Game: Concentration and focus are crucial for the ball toss test. Practice visualization exercises to stay focused during the test.
  5. Get Adequate Rest and Nutrition: Ensure sufficient sleep and a balanced diet to support overall physical performance.

Consistent effort following these tips can improve your performance on the ACFT Ball Toss Test, resulting in a higher score on the ACFT Ball Toss Score Chart.

Analyzing the ACFT Ball Throw Score Chart

The ACFT Ball Throw Score Chart is essential for assessing an individual’s performance. It categorizes scores into Pass, Moderate, and Fail based on the distance thrown in meters.

  • Pass (60-100 points): 8.5 to 13.9 meters
  • Moderate (20-59 points): 5.5 to 8.4 meters
  • Fail (0 points): Less than 5.5 meters

Proper technique, including grip, running approach, and a powerful throw involving the entire body, is crucial for a higher score. The ball throw is one of six events, and an overall cumulative score determines a soldier’s performance.

In conclusion, the ACFT Ball Throw Score Chart is crucial for evaluating an individual’s ball throw performance. Focusing on technique is key, but it’s essential to excel in all six ACFT events for an outstanding overall score.

Improving Your ACFT Ball Throw Score

Enhancing your ACFT ball toss score is challenging but achievable with practice and technique improvement. Here are tips to help:

  1. Focus on Form: Maintain proper form with squared shoulders and a firm stance, utilizing your entire body for the toss.
  2. Engage Legs: Generate momentum and power by using your legs during the toss.
  3. Use Different Weighted Balls: Practice with varied weighted balls to build strength and improve accuracy.
  4. Perfect Your Grip: Ensure a firm yet not overly tight grip for accurate and powerful throws.
  5. Train Core Muscles: Strengthen your core with exercises like planks to enhance power and toss accuracy.
  6. Practice with a Partner: Receive feedback and improve technique by practicing with a partner.

By following these tips consistently, you can improve your ACFT ball toss score, working towards achieving your fitness goals.

ACFT Calculator

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